# a new (?) bug in Olly

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  1. kaspersky

    kaspersky New Member

    18 май 2004
    I've found a bug in Olly leads to crash SEH/VEH-based programs during tracing.
    (an example-pack could be found at: http://nezumi.org.ru/olly-bug-776.zip,
    it includes two SEH/VEH programs and requests XP or latter to run VEH,
    while SEH works everywhere).

    Load an example into Olly and start tracing [F7]
    /* we can skip the first call by pressing [F8] (Step Over),
    since it has nothing interesting for us */

    xor eax,eax/mov eax,[eax] generates an exceptions,
    catching by OS kernel. the kernel saves registry context
    (including TF-bit, set by Olly to "1") and passes control to
    NTDLL.DLL!KiUserExceptionDispatcher function - the first
    user-land function executes after an exception.
    it calls SEH/VEH handler (if there is at lest one).
    if the handler returns control to the code,
    where the exception was raised, registry context
    (including TF-bit) is restored by OS kernel.
    everything is fine, yes? hell, no!!!

    Olly catches NTDLL.DLL!KiUserExceptionDispatcher
    and offers us to press Shift?F7/F8/F9.
    Olly allows to trace KiUserExceptionDispatcher,
    but totally forgets to clean TF-bit.
    as result - when control is passed the to original code
    (to the command follows mov eax,[eax] in our case,
    since handler adds 2 bytes /* size of mov eax,[eax] */ to EIP),
    TF-bit is set!!! so, a new exception occurs and SEH/VEH handler
    is called again and over again, coz, Olly passes this exception
    to the program, coz it forgets who "owns" this exception!!!

    since, SEH/VEH handler doesn't expect to handle trace exaction,
    we have an undefined behavior (a crash).

    it's definitely a bug!!!
    and how we can to fix it?!
    well, it's very simple. look at the prototype of
    KiUserExceptionDispatcher(EXCPT_REC *pExcptRec, CONTEXT *pContext).
    everything we need - is just to take pContext and clear TF-bit manually.
    pContext is the next DWORD on the stack and EFlags has C0h offset,
    while TF-bit is the first bit of the next word (1 << 8).
    just clean it and enjoy! press [F9] to Run the program
    or do whatever you want!

    of course, we can create plug-in, doing it automatically,
    or set-up a conditional breakpoint on KiUserExceptionDispatcher.

    I've checked the latest 2.00e version (April 19, 2008) and...
    the bug is still there, damn it!