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Perfect Hash

Тема в разделе "WASM.SOURCES & 2LZ", создана пользователем gazlan, 12 фев 2018.

  1. gazlan

    gazlan Member

    22 май 2005
    CMPH - C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library (http://cmph.sourceforge.net/)
    This code is not mine. Just compiled with MSVC 6.0

    Quote from cmph.sourceforge.net:

    > A perfect hash function maps a static set of n keys into a set of m integer
    > numbers without collisions, where m is greater than or equal to n. If m is
    > equal to n, the function is called minimal.
    > Minimal perfect hash functions are widely used for memory efficient
    > storage and fast retrieval of items from static sets, such as words in
    > natural languages, reserved words in programming languages or interactive
    > systems, universal resource locations (URLs) in Web search engines, or item
    > sets in data mining techniques. Therefore, there are applications for
    > minimal perfect hash functions in information retrieval systems, database
    > systems, language translation systems, electronic commerce systems,
    > compilers, operating systems, among others.